May Meeting
Parr Officers Club
JBSA-Randolph, TX
Historic Randolph!
Michael P. Hoffman is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel who lives in Windcrest. As an Air Force dependent, he grew up around airplanes and air bases, and as a pre-teen he developed an interest in aviation. He had hoped to become a fighter pilot like his father, but deficient color vision kept him grounded. A graduate of Texas A&M and with an MBA from Arizona State, he has kept up his interest in military aircraft and has amassed a considerable personal library on the subject. He became a member of the American Aviation Historical Society in 1998, and has written or edited five articles published in their journal.

He served as a personnel officer and was assigned to the Sheppard AFB CBPO (1968-1970), Randolph AFB HQ/ATC DCS/Personnel (1970-1973), Arizona State University where he earned an MBA thru AFIT (1973-1974), Kunsan AB Korea CBPO (1974-1975), Barksdale AFB HQ 8AF DCS/Personnel (1975-1977), Randolph AFB HQ AFMPC (1977-1981), Pentagon Air Staff (1981-1985), Rhein Main AB Germany Director of Personnel (1985-1988), and finally Pentagon Air Staff (1988-1991).

Having been stationed at Randolph twice (1970-1973) and (1977-1981) and retiring in Universal City in 1991, his continued interest in Randolph motivated him to publish an illustrated history of the base titled Randolph Field in 2014. His presentation to the Daedalians will feature photographs from his book.


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