April Meeting
KofC Hall, Bellevue
Bellevue, NE
Honor flight for Vietnam Veterans
Speaker: Mr. Bill Williams
Bill Williams and his wife have been organizing Honor Flights for Veterans for several years. They spoke to our group just after the WWII flights began. They started flights for Vietnam veterans last year and are planning another this year. Bill Williams is the co-founder of Patriotic Productions and its mission that includes the "Remembering Our Fallen" exhibits. He is also the volunteer organizer of the Heartland Honor Flights, which took 1,500 World War II Veterans and 600 Korean War Veterans to Washington D.C. since 2008. Bill was appointed by Governor Pete Ricketts to serve on the Commission on Military and Veteran Affairs. He has a Bachelor of Science in History from Dakota State College and taught high school and coached for five years, before turning to a career in sales, most of it while self-employed. See: http://www.patrioticproductions.org/


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