Thu 11:00
Location: Dante Club
Speaker: Larry Jobe
Larry Jobe will re-enact flying over the Burma Trail during WW II. Also a tribute to Frasier Fortner ( Gone West ).

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The third Thursday of every month except July and August
1100-1330 at Dante Club, 2330 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95825
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1st Wed of the month
11:30 am at Brookfields - Rancho Cordova
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Welcome to Sierra Flight # 27!

Sierra Flight 27 was chartered in May 1969. Prior to that date, Sacramento area Daedalians were members of Golden Gate Flight 5, located at Hamilton AFB near San Francisco. Many of the original charter members retired in the local area and were Daedalians until their final flight.

When there were two active Air Force bases in the Sacramento area with scores of active duty and retired pilots, the Flight had a high membership of 273. Due to military force reductions and local base closures, combined with the passing of many of our WWII veterans, membership has declined.

Flight 27 provides scholarship funds each year to outstanding California State University Sacramento AFROTC cadets. This money is matched by National. The Flight also annually presents a Daedalian JROTC Achievement Medal to many local area high school cadets.

A major event for the Flight was the hosting of the 1992 National Convention in Sacramento. National commanders visited the Flight in 1998 and 2014 with high praise for the Flight’s activities.

In July 2014, the Flight recognized an ad hoc group of Daedalian widows who attend our meetings. Subsequently, several other individuals who are not membership qualified, but enjoy and support Flight activities, were also invited to become “Friends of the Flight”. Each individual is presented with a name tag identifying their status.

Flag_red Announcement from Sierra Flight # 27
Posted by: Jerry GLASSER
Flt Luncheon Sept 21st ( 11:00 am ) Guest Speaker: Larry Jobe: Re-enact "Flying the Hump" ( Burma Trail ) during WW II. Tribute to our fallen Flt. Captain: Frasier Fortner.
Scholarships (Total awards this year: $2,000)

Congratulations to our latest Scholarship Recipients!

James Sheridan
Cal State Univ, Sacramento, CA
Han Youn Jeong
Cal State Univ, Sacramento, CA
Lucas Castro
LT COL - Air Force JROTC
Whitney High School
Andrea Giacovoni
Capt - Army JROTC
Franklin High School
Areanna Hord
2LT - Air Force JROTC
Casa Roble High School
Daniel Turner
Capt - Air Force JROTC
Highlands High School
Isela Ramos
MSGT - Air Force JROTC
Valley High School
Krystina Xiong
1LT - Air Force JROTC
Hiram Johnson High School
Nancy Aguilar
Capt - Army JROTC
Weston Ranch High School
Colin Thao
Rio Linda High School
Xavier Bryant
Capt - Army JROTC
Edison High School
Aiden Michelson
Petty Office - Navy JROTC
Lincoln High School
Gabriel Solario
Pacific High School
Angelito Melchor
John F. Kennedy High School