American Legion Post 160
Smyrna, GA
Back on schedule, we are planning to have two ROTC cadets attend our luncheon to receive they scholarship awards from you. That’s right – from you..! Your donation to the scholarship fund is what makes this happen. Being able to meet, shake hands, and talk to these outstanding young future officers is a pretty special event. We do that for you. So, please clear your calendar for 20 FEB. As I type this, you best clear 20 and 21 FEB. Scholarship Chairman Brad Wright is hinting that the cadets might not be able to show on a Tuesday. Stand by for confirmation. Regardless, you need to come enjoy this luncheon. The Boss is also asking for a couple of you to take the mic and talk a bit about what it what like for you during your UPT days. Can you remember that far back? Sure you can. In fact, the only things you can remember are exactly those things we, and especially two young cadets headed to UPT, would love to hear. Let Joe Redden or any Flight Officer know you are willing to do this for your Flight…, and for the cadets. See you there.


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