American Legion Post 160
Smyrna, GA


Great turnout for our April meeting. Good to see some old faces [Brent!] and a couple of guest/future members. Mayday.., almost. Once the entryway became a fire-hazard, Bill "Senator" Rial filled in for Kent "Mule" Adams and started taking meal money while Brad "Mallard" Wright filled in for Clint "Raffleman" Johnson and started selling raffle tickets...., to a tune of $315. Luckily ast treasurer Alan Campbell showed and kicked Rial out of the chair. Provost Marshall Dale "Juice" Najewski got us into our seats on time and Flight Captain "General Joe" called the meeting to order. After the wonderful prayer by Flight Chaplain Dale "Boots" Hill, Ast Flight Captain David Jones led the pledge. The group made the toast (mumbling the responses because we're too lazy to learn them) and lunch was served. At some point, "Boots" gave an update on our JrROTC Award Presentation representation throughout the Atlanta area.., and towns way south of Atlanta and [thank you Vance Gammon] towns in Tennessee. "Boots" also put out a plea for more needed volunteers. General Joe made some announcements and introduced the guests. The special guest for this meeting was AFROTC Cadet Zach Pagan. Zach's Mother and the AFROTC Det Commander also were guests today. With a beautiful poster-size cardboard check (courtesy of "Boots") General Joe presented the $3500 scholarship to Cadet Pagan. This is what it's all about. It would sure be nice if all Flight 102 members could witness these special presentations. After the presentation, "Juice" gave a great talk about his experiences as a Ground FAC during the Gulf War. From being under fire from small arms, rockets and artillery to taking out the Kuwati National Forest, to inadvertently telling a USMC LtGen to "F-Off", "Juice" had us in awe. THANK YOU JUICE!!! Wayne Waddell, Flight 102's rep at the National Convention last month, gave a recap of all he learned at the convention. Everyone enjoyed the visit, the talks, and most of all, seeing our fundraising going to a great cause -- perpetuating military aviation. Hope to see you at the next one.
Scholarship Chairman Brad "Mallard" Wright, scholarship recipient Cadet Zach Pagan and his Mother Noelle
Flight Captain Joe "General" Redden, GaTech AFROTC Det/CC LtCol Silva, cadet Pagan and his Mother
"General Joe" making the scholarship presentation
Cadet Pagan and "General Joe"
Dale "Juice" Najewski